Ulster Softball League 2008-2014

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SU Ulster Softball League 2008

*Smokin’ Aces431362917
*Belfast Aviators422332914
Belfast Brawlers413263711
[ReF: 2]
DateHome TeamAway Team
2008Smokin’ Axes16Belfast Aviators8

SU Ulster Softball League 2009

1st Half      
*Smokin’ Aces431373017
Belfast Aviators422434314
Belfast Brawlers413253211
2nd Half      
*Belfast Aviators330462615
Belfast Brawlers321412412
Smokin’ Aces #(-2)31118287
Belfast Sliders30331586


 2009Belfast Aviators10Smokin’ Aces1


SU Ulster Softball League 2010

Smokin’ Aces (C)8621088134
Belfast Brawlers8441158028
Belfast Aviators844909528
Belfast Jets8356911725
Belfast Sliders835808925


SU Ulster Softball League 2011

*Belfast Brawlers10821888944
*Belfast Sliders108215610144
*Belfast Aviators10641249738
*Smokin’ Aces104612514532
Belfast Jets102810116226
Belfast Braves #10288318324


DateHome TeamAway Team
5th Place
2011Belfast Braves7Belfast Jets0 #
2011Belfast Brawlers6Belfast Sliders14
2011Belfast Aviators11Smokin’ Aces4
2011Belfast Brawlers12Belfast Aviators4
2011Belfast Sliders8Belfast Brawlers4

SU Ulster Softball League 2012

Belfast Sliders (C)1211118876.917
Jordanstown Elks1284213103.667
Belfast Aviators1284162117.667
Belfast Brawlers1275170135.583
Belfast Jets1266161156.500
Smokin’ Aces12111103235.083
Belfast Braves1211188263.083


SU Ulster Softball League 2013

Belfast Brawlers (C)1210219297.833
Belfast Sliders129326378.750
Jordanstown Elks1284168125.667
Belfast Cubs1284133125.667
Belfast Aviators1239115190.250
Belfast Aces123993205.250
Belfast Braves1211173217.083


SU Ulster Softball League 2014

Belfast Brawlers (C)14140254941.000
Belfast Sliders1412223597.857
Belfast Cubs1495205138.643
Jordanstown Elks1477195129.500
Belfast Aviators1468131239.429
Smokin’ Aces14410153207.286
Belfast Braves14212117247.143
Bangor Buccaneers1421294233.143


Points System: 5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Champions & Playoffs: C – Champions / x – Qualify for Playoffs


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Thanks to Andrew Craven, Belfast Sliders

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