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Softball Ulster League Results and Fixtures 2021

Softball Ulster Logo
Softball Ulster Logo [References: 1]


Smokin’ Aces312051831.59
Belfast Sliders211028451.07
Belfast Cubs11002530.55
Bangor Buccaneers202017462.04
[References: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
24.05.2021Smokin’ Aces12Belfast Brawlers45
Week 2
31.05.2021Belfast Sliders25Smokin’ Aces20
31.05.2021Belfast Brawlers27Bangor Buccaneers4
Week 3
07.06.2021Belfast Sliders3Belfast Cubs25
Week 4
13.06.2021Bangor Buccaneers13Smokin’ Aces19
14.06.2021Belfast BrawlersBelfast Cubs
Week 5
21.06.2021Belfast SlidersBelfast Brawlers
21.06.2021Smokin’ AcesBelfast Cubs
Week 6
28.06.2021Belfast SlidersBelfast Buccaneers
Week 7
04.07.2021Belfast CubsSmokin’ Aces
Week 8
18.07.2021Belfast BuccaneersBelfast Cubs
Week 9
25.07.2021Belfast BuccaneersBelfast Brawlers
26.07.2021Smokin’ AcesBelfast Sliders
Week 10
01.08.2021Belfast CubsBelfast Sliders
Week 11
09.08.2021Belfast BrawlersBelfast Sliders
Week 12
16.08.2021Belfast BrawlersSmokin’ Aces
Week 13
21.08.2021Smokin’ AcesBelfast Buccaneers
Week 14
29.08.2021Belfast BuccaneersBelfast Sliders
29.08.2021Belfast CubsBelfast Brawlers
Week 15
05.09.2021Belfast CubsBangor Buccaneers
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Match Reports

Week 1 – May 24 2021 – Brawlers 45 Aces 12 – Henry Jones Playing Fields, Belfast

In very windy conditions which made pitching very difficult Brawlers began the defence of their title with a 45-12 victory over their B team Aces. The wind not only made pitching difficult but also meant the big hitting game they had hoped for did not materialise. nonetheless, it was a good experience for new players on both teams making their competitive debut. [References: 8]

Week 2 – May 31 2021 – Belfast Sliders 25 Smokin’ Aces 20 – Dixon Park Playing Fields, Grand Parade, Belfast

Belfast Sliders won their opening game of the season 25-20 versus Aces in a fun game with great Bank Holiday weather for the occasion. [References: 9-11]

Week 2 – May 31 2021 – Brawlers 27 Bangor Buccaneers 4 – Henry Jones Playing Fields, Belfast.

Brawlers went to 2-0 with a 27-4 victory at home to Bangor Buccaneers, playing a tight defence to restrict the Bucs to just the four runs. The weather was fantastic and the Brawlers were brilliant with their hitting and fielding. The Bucs, however, made some great catches so they were happy with their progress against the defending Champions. [Reference: 11-12]

Week 3 – June 7 2021 – Belfast Sliders 3 Belfast Cubs 25 – Dixon Park Playing Fields, Grand Parade, Belfast

Belfast Cubs finally swung into action in week 3 of the 2021 SU season and playing a patient game against a new pitcher in his first season at the plate for near neighbours Belfast Sliders they took a 7-1 lead in the second innings. A strong defensive display meant the Cubs were not in the field too long as they put up 5 shutout innings and added two more big innings in the fourth (8 runs) and the sixth (6 runs). Cubs shortstop Chris won the MVP as they won 25-3 (Most Valuable Player Award). [Reference: 13-14]

About Softball Ulster and the SU League 2021 Season

Softball Ulster was founded in 2007 as a Provincial League within Softball Ireland. It played its first season in 2008 and 2021 will be its 14th season. It comprises 5 teams from 4 clubs, the same as in 2020, with each team playing the other twice – once home and once away for an 8 game season. 4 of the five teams are based in Belfast with the fifth, Bangor Buccaneers, based in the North Down town of that name.

Home venues

Bangor BuccaneersBloomfield Playing Fields, Bangor, North Down
Belfast CubsStrandtown Primary School, Belfast / Spafield, Holywood, Co. Down
Belfast SlidersDixon Park Playing Fields, Grand Parade, Belfast
BrawlersHenry Jones Playing Fields. Belfast
Smokin’ AcesHenry Jones Playing Fields. Belfast
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Thanks to Andrew Craven, Belfast Sliders

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