Softball Ulster League 2015-2021

Softball Ulster Logo [Ref: 1]

SUL 2015

Belfast Sliders (C)12120238941.000
Belfast Brawlers1293228149.750
Belfast Cubs1275157133.583
Belfast Angels1266118139.500
Bangor Buccaneers1248109155.333
Smokin’ Aces1221097176.156
Belfast Aviators1221085187.156
Softball Ulster League 2015 [Ref: 2]

SUL 2016

Belfast Brawlers (C)121203061041.000
Belfast Cubs12102218132.833
Belfast Sliders1284179127.667
Bangor Buccaneers1266243220.500
Belfast Angels1239172169.250
Smokin’ Aces1239151251.250
Bangor Mariners1201279345.000
Softball Ulster League 2016 [Ref: 3]

SUL 2017

Belfast Brawlers (C)10100023484050
Belfast Cubs10730186130341
Belfast Sliders10550165156535
Smokin’ Aces10550154179535
Belfast Angels10372117157825
Bangor Buccaneers100102992491116
Softball Ulster League 2017 [Ref: 4]

SUL 2018

Belfast Brawlers (C)1091030580047
Belfast Cubs10730196101241
Belfast Sliders10640254184338
Smokin’ Aces10640242185338
Bangor Buccaneers10190118356823
Belfast Angels10181732828.621
Softball Ulster League 2018 [Ref: 5]

SUL 2019

Belfast Brawlers (C)109102088047
Smokin’ Aces1064014616638
Belfast Sliders1064015211838
Belfast Cubs954019913033
Bangor Buccaneers92707118624
Belfast Angels101819318921
Softball Ulster League 2019 [Ref: 6]

SUL 2020

Belfast Brawlers (C)880022084040
Belfast Cubs8530182121331
Belfast Sliders8350118134525
Bangor Bucs808066253816
Softball Ulster League Standings 2020 [References: 7]

SUL 2021

Belfast Cubs862022080034
Belfast Brawlers862022597034
Belfast Aces8530148167131
Belfast Sliders8350152239325
Bangor Buccaneers8080114276616
Softball Ulster League Standings 2021 [References: 8]

Points System: 5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit #

Champions & Playoffs: (C) Champions


The Softball Ulster League was won by Belfast Sliders in 2015 (the Leagues eighth season), and then from 2016 to 2020 five times in-a-row by the Belfast Brawlers. In 2021 the Brawlers and Cubs finished level on 6-2 records, each having defeated the other once by a single run and both also losing a game to the Aces. Belfast Cubs finished with a slightly better Runs Difference (+140 to +128).

Belfast Brawlers – Softball Ulster Champions 2019 [Ref: 7]

League Organisation and Team Changes

The Softball Ulster League is run by Softball Ulster, one of the Provincial Associations under Softball Ireland. It had seven teams in 2015, down from eight in 2014 after the loss of Jordanstown Elks: Belfast Brawlers, Belfast Sliders, Belfast Cubs, Belfast Angels, Smokin’ Aces, Bangor Buccaneers and Belfast Aviators. it lost the aviators in 2016, but gained Bangor Mariners, who lasted one season. After that the League had six teams.


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Thanks to Andrew Craven, Belfast Sliders

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