Netball Schools Finals 1991-92

All-Ireland Finals

08.03.1992SeniorLismore Comp Craigavon30Mount Anvil Dublin28
08.03.1992InterOLSPK Knock37Holy Rosary Dublin15
08.03.1992JuniorLoreto Grammar Omagh31St. Anne’s Dublin17
08.03.1992MinorLismore Comp Craigavon21Mount Anvil Dublin10
All-Ireland Schools Netball Finals 1991-92 [Reference: 1]

Northern Ireland Finals

01.03.1992SeniorLismore Comp Craigavon55St. Louise’s Belfast16
01.03.1992InterOLSPK Knock35St. MacNissus Carnlough32
01.03.1992JuniorLoreto Grammar Omagh17OLSPK Knock16
01.03.1992MinorLismore Comp Craigavon26St. Malachy’s HS Castlewellan13
Northern Ireland Schools Netball Finals 1991-92 [Reference: 1]

Netball Ireland (ROI) Finals

26.02.1992SeniorMount Anvil24St. Anne’s19
26.02.1992Inter AHoly Rosary23Mount Anvil22
26.02.1992Inter BMount Anvil16Rathdown9
26.02.1992Inter CMarymount11Clermont10
26.02.1992Junior ASt. Anne’s29Finglas15
26.02.1992Junior BHoly Rosary22Mount Anvil21 aet
26.02.1992Minor AMount Anvil29St. Michael’s25 aet
26.02.1992St. Anne’s18Holy Rosary9
26.02.1992Mount Anvil A20Holy Rosary10
26.02.1992Mount Anvil B11St. Anne’s8
26.02.1992Holy Rosary15St. Michael’s11 aet
26.02.1992St. Michael’s10Mount Anvil B6
26.02.1992Senior CupMount Anvil28Clermont26
26.02.1992Junior CupSt. Anne’s27Neilstown7
Netball Ireland Schools Netball Finals 1991-92 [Reference: 1]

Belfast Finals

16.02.1992SeniorSt. Louise’s37Our Lady of Mercy Ballysillan17
16.02.1992InterSt. Louise’s32St. Genevieve’s17
16.02.1992JuniorAshfield17St. Louise’s9
16.02.1992MinorSt. Louise’s17Dominican8
Belfast Schools Netball Finals 1991-92 [Reference: 1]

Northern Ireland 1st Year Tournament Finals

10.05.19921st YearSt. Louise’s Belfast14St. MacNissus Carnlough12
29.09.19911st YearLismore Comp Craigavon8St. Louise’s Belfast3
Northern Ireland Schools Netball 1st Year Tournament Finals 1991-92 [Reference: 1]


Northern Ireland Schools dominated the All-Ireland Schools Netball Championships in 1991-92, with Lismore Comprehensive from Craigavon winning both the Senior and Minor Grades, and Our Lady and St. Patrick Knock triumphimg in the Intermediate and Loreto Grammar School Omagh taking victory in the Junior Grade.

The Leinster / Republicof Ireland Finals saw Mount Anvil taking six of the 14 Finals on offer with St. Anne’s winning three, Holy Rosary two, and St. Michael’s and Marymount one each.

Belfast Schools Champions were St. Louise’s (Senior, Intermediate and Minor) and Ashfield took the Junior. There were 1st Year Tournament wins in Northern Ireland for both Lismore Comprehensive and St. Louise’s.



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