Irish Lacrosse Union Championship of Ireland 1890-1897

Finals 1890-1897

1890North of Ireland6Ards4
1894North of Ireland8?7
1895Ards9North of Ireland4

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North won the Championship of Ireland 6-4 against Ards in 1890, who then went on to lose the next two finals against Rugby (3-2 & 6-4) before winning at the fourth attempt in 1893, defeating Rugby handsomely 8-2.

North of Ireland won the following year, and then Ards won it back in 1895, winning 9-4 against North this time. Rugby won 3-0 against Ards in 1897, their third victory in the Final against Ards in the 1890s.



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Thanks to Cillian Murphy, Ireland Lacrosse.

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