Softball Leinster Division 2 2017

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League Table

Marlay Mustangs181350221184075
Inglorious Batters181260293202172
Renegade Titans181260294205172
Castleknock Wildcats181062328290462
Temple Bar Hippies188100226251560
Wicklow Wolves188100237244560
Deadly Suspects1821421733571238
Thirsty Camels1811161323181527


5 Pts win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit # / Tied teams separated by (1) Head-to-Head / 6:4 Men:Women

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
24.04.2017Marlay Mustangs12Inglorious Batters5
24.04.2017Homers14Renegade Titans12
24.04.2017Wicklow Wolves34Deadly Suspects7
24.04.2017Temple Bar Hippies12Castleknock Wildcats28
 Week 2   
01.05.2017Deadly Suspects3Homers35
01.05.2017Inglorious Batters21Temple Bar Hippies8
01.05.2017Thirsty Camels0 #Renegade Titans7
01.05.2017Castleknock WildcatspSWATp
01.05.2017Marlay Mustangs7Wicklow Wolves6
 Week 3   
08.05.2017Marlay Mustangs17Deadly Suspects2
08.05.2017Homers12Inglorious Batters29
08.05.2017Castleknock Wildcats29Thirsty Camels5
08.05.2017Temple Bar Hippies20Wicklow Wolves11
08.05.2017Renegade Titans21SWAT17
 Week 4   
15.05.2017Thirsty Camels0 #Inglorious Batters7
15.05.2017Castleknock Wildcats22Deadly Suspects15
15.05.2017Wicklow Wolves8Renegade Titans20
15.05.2017SWAT20Temple Bar Hippies19
15.05.2017Homers25Marlay Mustangs4
 Week 5   
20.05.2017Castleknock Wildcats33SWAT32
22.05.2017Inglorious Batters15Castleknock Wildcats19
22.05.2017Renegade Titans13Marlay Mustangs15
22.05.2017Wicklow Wolves18Thirsty Camels3
22.05.2017Temple Bar Hippies5Homers19
22.05.2017SWAT24Deadly Suspects9
 Week 6   
29.05.2017Renegade Titans21Castleknock Wildcats22
29.05.2017Deadly Suspects7Thirsty Camels0 #
29.05.2017Marlay Mustangs10Temple Bar Hippies4
29.05.2017Inglorious Batters17Wicklow Wolves4
 Week 7   
05.06.2017Castleknock WildcatspWicklow Wolvesp
05.06.2017Inglorious BatterspRenegade Titansp
05.06.2017Marlay MustangspSWATp
05.06.2017Thirsty Camels0 #Homers7
05.06.2017Deadly Suspects0 #Temple Bar Hippies7
 Week 8   
12.06.2017SWAT23Wicklow Wolves7
12.06.2017Thirsty Camels17Marlay Mustangs27
12.06.2017Temple Bar Hippies7Renegade Titans6
12.06.2017Deadly Suspects15Inglorious Batters19
12.06.2017Homers15Castleknock Wildcats29
 Week 9   
19.06.2017Castleknock Wildcats9Marlay Mustangs14
19.06.2017Renegade Titans26Deadly Suspects8
19.06.2017Temple Bar Hippies8Thirsty Camels5
19.06.2017Wicklow Wolves10Homers20
19.06.2017Inglorious Batters18SWAT15
 Week 10   
26.06.2017Inglorious Batters26Thirsty Camels5
26.06.2017Deadly Suspects4Castleknock Wildcats26
26.06.2017Renegade Titans19Wicklow Wolves8
26.06.2017Temple Bar Hippies18SWAT20
26.06.2017Marlay Mustangs9Homers7
 Week 11   
03.07.2017Thirsty Camels29Wicklow Wolves28
03.07.2017Castleknock Wildcats27Inglorious Batters14
03.07.2017Deadly Suspects21SWAT27
03.07.2017Homers21Temple Bar Hippies11
03.07.2017Marlay Mustangs13Renegade Titans9
 Week 12   
10.07.2017Inglorious Batters24Marlay Mustangs4
10.07.2017Renegade Titans17Homers8
10.07.2017SWAT17Thirsty Camels16
10.07.2017Castleknock Wildcats16Temple Bar Hippies32
10.07.2017Deadly Suspects13Wicklow Wolves21
 Week 13   
17.07.2017Wicklow Wolves16Marlay Mustangs23
17.07.2017Homers16Deadly Suspects5
17.07.2017Temple Bar Hippies7Inglorious Batters28
17.07.2017Renegade Titans18Thirsty Camels10
17.07.2017SWAT32Castleknock Wildcats15
 Week 14   
24.07.2017Deadly Suspects11Marlay Mustangs28
24.07.2017Inglorious Batters4Homers3
24.07.2017Thirsty Camels8Castleknock Wildcats31
24.07.2017Wicklow Wolves9Temple Bar Hippies8
24.07.2017SWAT16Renegade Titans18
 Week 15   
31.07.2017Wicklow Wolves19Inglorious Batters10
31.07.2017Castleknock Wildcats8Renegade Titans28
31.07.2017Thirsty Camels10Deady Suspects33
31.07.2017Marlay MustangspTemple Bar Hippiesp
 Week 16   
07.08.2017Temple Bar Hippies20Deadly Suspects9
07.08.2017SWAT17Marlay Mustangs4
07.08.2017Wicklow Wolves7Castleknock Wildcats0 #
07.08.2017Renegade Titans15Inglorious Batters14
07.08.2017Homers18Thirsty Camels17
 Week 17   
14.08.2017Castleknock Wildcats11Homers14
14.08.2017Inglorious Batters7Deadly Suspects0 #
14.08.2017Marlay Mustangs7Thirsty Camels0 #
14.08.2017Renegade TitanspTemple Bar Hippiesp
14.08.2017Wicklow Wolves14SWAT11
 Week 18   
21.08.2017Marlay Mustangs15Castleknock Wildcats3
21.08.2017Homers14Wicklow Wolves10
21.08.2017Deadly Suspects11Renegade Titans18
21.08.2017Thirsty Camels7Temple Bar Hippies23
21.08.2017SWAT25Inglorious Batters16
28.08.2017Inglorious Batters19Renegade Titans12
28.08.2017Temple Bar Hippies9Marlay Mustangs7
09.09.2017Renegade Titans14Temple Bar Hippies8
09.09.2017Castleknock Wildcats0 #Wicklow Wolves7
09.09.2017Marlay Mustangs5SWAT7
09.09.2017Thirsty Camels0 #SWAT7


Home Venues

TeamHome Field
Castleknock WildcatsCastleknock College, Castleknock, D15, Co. Fingal
Deadly SuspectsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, D16, Co. South Dublin
HomersStannaway Park, Kimmage, D12, Co. South Dublin
Inglorious BattersLucan Centre, Lucan, Co. South Dublin
Marlay MustangsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, D16, Co. South Dublin
Renegade TitansMount Temple Comprehensive School, Clontarf, D3, Dublin City
SWATGormanston College, Gormanston, Co. Meath
Temple Bar HippiesStannaway Park, Kimmage, D12, Co. South Dublin
Wicklow WolvesShoreline Leisure, Charlesland, Co. Wicklow


Marlay Mustangs Softball Leinster Division 2 Champions 2017

marlay-mustangs-softball-leinster-div-2-champions-2017Marlay Mustangs – Softball Leinster Division 2 Champions 2017 [5]


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Thanks to Decy Maher, Paul Croke, Lorna Rose Masterson , Sarah Jane Masterson , Greg Masterson, Eimear Boyce, Andrea Norton and Marlay Mustangs 2017.

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