Softball Leinster Division 1 2019

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League Tables 2nd Half

Division 1 Top
Castleknock Wildcats15132022413269
Renegade Beachers151050223133360
Usual Suspects15870205212554
Dublin Bay Packers156811742337.746
Division 1 Bottom
Hippie Monsters15771210220149
Renegade Titans156902091941.348
Castleknock Bearcats156902242261.348
Marlay Mustangs154921482514.738
Base Devils1511221122437.729

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League Tables 1st Half

Division 1A
*Renegade Beachers1082016174144
Castleknock Bearcats10460164173532
Hippie Monsters103611171686.727
Base Devils10181891598.721
Division 1B
*Castleknock Wildcats108201418144
*Usual Suspects10640164137238
*Dublin Bay Packers106311441372.736
Renegade Titans10280135152626
Marlay Mustangs102711011806.724

Points System: 5 Pts Win / 2 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit # / * Qualify for Division 1 Top

Season Format: Teams divided into 2 Divisions – 1A & 1B playing a Double Round-Robin within their own Division. Top 3 in each Division make up Division 1 Top for 2nd Half of Season, playing a further Single-Round Robin within their Division with full points carried forward for a 15-game season. The Bottom 3 in each Division play in Division 1 Bottom with the same format for the second half.

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Division 1 Top Results Grid

Castleknock Wildcatsxxx19-1813-7
Dublin Bay Packers17-22xxx9-21
Renegade Beachers9-1113-415-17xxx
Usual Suspects5-1018-1714-18xxx

Division 1 Bottom Results Grid

Base Devilsxxx8-243-104-20
Castleknock Bearcatsxxx6-1914-16
Hippie Monsters23-10xxx25-1615-8
Marlay Mustangs0-7 #xxx11-6
Renegade Titans10-930-10xxx
Thunderbolts7-0 #12-114-6xxx

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Division 1A Results Grid

Base Devilsxxx14-213-510-337-0 #5-19
Castleknock Bearcats16-7xxx6-173-2420-2223-8
Renegade Beachers22-711-10Jun 12xxx21-125-9
Hippie Monsters17-1611-2316-236-10xxx15-14
Thunderbolts7-0 #28-210-7 #5-2214-9xxx

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Division 1B Results Grid

Castleknock Wildcatsxxx7-127-0 #7-0 #18-1124-9
Dublin Bay Packers5-3111-23xxx23-1311-1010-9
Marlay Mustangs9-1215-2813-19xxx13-127-18
Renegade Titans6-1017-2120-1915-16xxx10-15
Usual Suspects13-1211-2210-2027-1114-13xxx

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Division 1 Top Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 11
24.07.19 Dublin Bay Packers17Castleknock Wildcats22
24.07.19 Usual Suspects14Renegade Beachers18
Week 12
31.07.19Renegade Beachers9Chuggers11
31.07.19Dublin Bay Packers9Usual Suspects21
31.07.19Castleknock Wildcats19Dynamites18
Week 13
14.08.19Dynamites21Usual Suspects3
14.08.19Renegade Beachers13Dublin Bay Packers4
14.08.19Chuggers4Castleknock Wildcats12
Week 14
21.08.19Renegade Beachers 15Dynamites17
21.08.19Chuggers8Dublin Bay Packers6
21.08.19Usual Suspects5Castleknock Wildcats10
Week 15
28.08.19Dynamites22Dublin Bay Packers6
28.08.19Castleknock Wildcats13Renegade Beachers7
28.08.19Usual Suspects18Chuggers17

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Division 1 Bottom Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 11
24.07.19Hippie Monsters15Renegade Titans8
24.07.19 Marlay Mustangs11Thunderbolts6
25.07.19 Base Devils8Castleknock Bearcats24
Week 12
31.07.19Thunderbolts7Base Devils0 #
31.07.19 Renegade Titans30Marlay Mustangs10
31.07.19 Castleknock Bearcats6Hippie Monsters19
Week 13
14.08.19Thunderbolts4Renegade Titans6
14.08.19 Marlay Mustangs0 #Castleknock Bearcats7
14.08.19 Hippie Monsters23Base Devils10
Week 14
21.08.19Castleknock Bearcats14Thunderbolts16
21.08.19Hippie Monsters25Marlay Mustangs16
21.08.19Base Devils4Renegade Titans20
Week 15
28.08.19Thunderbolts12Hippie Monsters11
28.08.19Renegade Titans10Castleknock Bearcats9
28.08.19Base Devils3Marlay Mustangs10

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Division 1A Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
01.05.19Castleknock Bearcats3Renegade Beachers24
01.05.19 Hippie Monsters15Thunderbolts4
01.05.19 Base Devils3Dynamites5
Week 2
08.05.19Hippie Monsters16Dynamites23
08.05.19 Castleknock Bearcats23Thunderbolts8
08.05.19 Renegade Beachers22Base Devils7
Week 3
15.05.19Dynamites12Renegade Beachers13
15.05.19 Thunderbolts7Base Devils0 #
15.05.19 Castleknock Bearcats20Hippie Monsters22
Week 4
22.05.19Thunderbolts0 #Dynamites7
22.05.19 Base Devils14Castleknock Bearcats21
22.05.19 Renegade Beachers21Hippie Monsters12
Week 5
29.05.19Dynamites31Castleknock Bearcats21
29.05.19 Hippie Monsters17Base Devils16
29.05.19 Thunderbolts5Renegade Beachers22
Week 6
12.06.19Hippie Monsters11Castleknock Bearcats23
12.06.19 Base Devils5Thunderbolts19
12.06.19 Renegade BeachersDynamites
Week 7
19.06.19Renegade Beachers11Castleknock Bearcats10
19.06.19 Dynamites19Base Devils18
19.06.19 Thunderbolts14Hippie Monsters9
Week 8
26.06.19Castleknock Bearcats6Dynamites17
26.06.19 Base Devils7Hippie Monsters0 #
26.06.19 Renegade Beachers5Thunderbolts9
Week 9
03.07.19Base Devils10Renegade Beachers33
03.07.19 Dynamites20Hippie Monsters9
03.07.19 Thunderbolts28Castleknock Bearcats21
Week 10
10.07.19 Hippie Monsters6Renegade Beachers10
25.07.19 Base Devils8Catleknock Bearcats24

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Division 1B Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
01.05.19Castleknock Wildcats7Chuggers12
01.05.19 Dublin Bay Packers10Usual Suspects9
01.05.19 Renegade Titans15Marlay Mustangs16
Week 2
08.05.19Usual Suspects27Marlay Mustangs11
08.05.19 Castleknock Wildcats7Dublin Bay Packers0 #
08.05.19 Chuggers15Renegade Titans21
Week 3
15.05.19Castleknock Wildcats24Usual Suspects9
15.05.19 Marlay Mustangs15Chuggers28
15.05.19 Renegade Titans20Dublin Bay Packers19
Week 4
22.05.19Chuggers11Dublin Bay Packers14
22.05.19 Marlay Mustangs9Castleknock Wildcats12
22.05.19 Usual Suspects14Renegade Titans13
Week 5
29.05.19Chuggers8Usual Suspects18
29.05.19 Renegade Titans6Castleknock Wildcats10
29.05.19 Dublin Bay Packers23Marlay Mustangs13
Week 6
12.06.19Usual Suspects13Castleknock Wildcats12
12.06.19 Dublin Bay Packers11Renegade Titans10
12.06.19 Chiuggers19Marlay Mustangs4
Week 7
19.06.19Usual Suspects10Dublin Bay Packers20
19.06.19 Marlay Mustangs13Renegade Titans12
19.06.19 Chuggers16Castleknock Wildcats20
Week 8
26.06.19Usual Suspects11Chuggers22
26.06.19 Castleknock Wildcats18Renegade Titans11
26.06.19 Marlay Mustangs13Dublin Bay Packers19
Week 9
03.07.19Renegade Titans17Chuggers21
03.07.19 Marlay Mustangs7Usual Suspects18
03.07.19 Dublin Bay Packers5Catleknock Wildcats21
Week 10
10.07.19 Hippie Monsters6Renegade Beachers10
10.07.19 Castleknock Wildcats7Marlay Mustangs0 #

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Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Base DevilsStannaway Park, Kimmage
Castleknock Bearcats Castleknock College
Castleknock WildcatsCastleknock College
ChuggersWanderers RFC, Sandymount, D4
Dublin Bay PackersSt. Colmcille’s Community School, Knocklyon, D16
Dynamites ETB Sports Grounds
Hippie MonstersStannaway Park, Kimmage
Marlay MustangsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, D14
Renegade BeachersSt. Anne’s Park, Raheny
Renegade TitansSt. Anne’s Park, Raheny
ThunderboltsALSAA, Santry
Usual SuspectsMarlay Park, Rathfarnham, D14

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Thanks to Decy Maher, Lorna Rose Masterson, Greg Masterson, Sarah Jane Masterson, Greg Kinasiewicz, Mary-Louise Kinasiewicz, Sinead Burke, Declan Burke, Paul Croke, Roisin O’Callaghan, Cillian Murphy and Marlay Mustangs 2019

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