Softball Ireland Softball Intervarsities 2006-07

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Softball Ireland Logo

Round 1, (St. Mary’s College, Galway – WIT Hosting)

DateHome Team Away Team 
x – UCD D4’s541     
x – Limerick Ori-ginals        
y – UL DT’s        
x – UCD Quagmires532     
UL 2        
WIT 1        
y – Galway Tribes        
z – UCD DnD’s532     
z – UCD Double D’s532     
UL 3        
UL 4        
WIT 2        


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Bowl Final   
 UCD DnD’sWUCD Double D’sL
 Plate Final   
 Galway TribesWUL DT’sL
 Cup Semi-Final   
 UCD D4sWUCD QuagmiresL
 Cup Final   
 UCD D4’sLOri-ginalsW


Round 2, (Bird Avenue, Dublin – UCD Hosting)

DateHome Team Away Team 
UCD D4s440     
Limerick Ori-Ginals        
UCD Quagmires440     
UL DTs        
UCD DDs        


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Bowl Semi-Finals   
 UCD DDs bye 
 Bowl Final   
 Plate Semi-Finals   
 UCD QuagmiresWUCDSL
 StingraysLUL DTsW
 Plate Final   
 UCD QuagmiresWUL DTsL
 Cup Semi-Final   
 UCD D4sWSharksL
 Limerick Ori-GinalsW55sL
 Cup Final   
 Limerick Ori-GinalsWUCD D4sL


Home Venues

TeamHome Field


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Thanks to Declan Burke, UCD Softball, Limerick Ori-Ginals.

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