Softball Ireland | Brian Walshe Cup 2018

ALSAA, Dublin Airport, 21 April 2018

Final Standings

2Marlay Martyrs541022
3Renegade Reapers532019
4Temple Bar Hippetys532019
5Renegae Titans532019
6Dodder Dynamoes532019
7Galway Tribes532019
8Wicklow Wolves514013
10Suspect Kegs514013
11Thirsty Camels504111

Final Group Tables

Group A
***Temple Bar Hippities330029915
**Dodder Dynamoes3210272212
**Renegade Titans312027249
*Thirsty Camels303010386
Group B
**Galway Tribes3210121612
**Wicklow Wolves312012169
*Suspect Kegs30306276
Group C
***Marlay Martyrs3300311015
***Renegade Reapers321022612

Table compiled from results in [2]

Playoffs: *** Qualify for Cup Semi-Final / ** Qualify for Plate Semi-Final / * Qualify for Bowl Semi-Final

Cup Plate Bowl Final Results

TimeTeam 1Team 2
Bowl Semi-Finals
13:50Homers11Thirsty Camels0
13:50Suspect KegsWThunderboltsL
Bowl Consolation (11th Place)
14:45Thirsty Camels0Thunderbolts0 *
Bowl Final (9th Place)
14:45Homers7Suspect Kegs2
Plate Semi-Finals
14:45Renegade Titans7Galway Tribes4
14:45Dodder Dynamoes8Wicklow Wolves4
Plate Consolation (7th Place)
15:45Galway TribesWWicklow WolvesL
Plate Final (5th Place)
15:45Dodder Dynamoes7Renegade Titans17
Cup Semi-Finals
13:50Renegade Reapers1TNT5
13:50Marlay MartyrsWTemple Bar HippetysL
Cup Consolation (3rd Place)
15:45Renegade ReapersWTemple Bar HippetysL
Cup Final
15:45TNTWMarlay MartyrsL


* Note: Bowl Consolation (11th Place) Not Played and agreed as a Tie as both teams were unable to field a full team.

Group Stage Results

TimeTeam 1Team 2
Group A
09:30Dodder Dynamoes11Renegade Titans8
09:30Temple Bar Hippities11Thirsty Camels1
11:10Renegade Titans4Temple Bar hippities8
11:10Thirsty Camels4Dodder Dynamoes12
12:00Thirsty Camels5Renegade Titans15
12:00Dodder Dynamoes4Temple Bar Hippities10
Group B
09:30TNT11Galway Tribes1
09:30Suspect Kegs1Wicklow Wolves11
10:20Galway Tribes6Suspect Kegs4
10:20Wicklow Wolves0TNT10
12:00Wicklow Wolves1Galway Tribes5
12:00TNT8Suspect Kegs1
Group C
10:20Renegade Reapers4Marlay Martyrs5
11:10Marlay Martyrs9Thunderbolts4
11:10Homers0Renegade Reapers10
12:50Homers2Marlay Martyrs17
12:50Renegade Reapers8Thunderbolts1

Results: [2] Times: [3]


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Thanks to Austin Purton, Ciaran Columb, Conor Sayles & Maree Sayles (Fogarty), Dave Burke & Sinead Burke, Eoghan Murphy, Decy Maher & Sondra Maher, Paul Croke, Rachel Croke, Tom Gallagher.

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