Leinster Softball Association 5:5 Junior Pennant 1998-1999

LSA 5:5 Junior Pennant 1998

Group 7
*Ashton Slammers431010
*Angels 233009
*Loan Homers Moe32107
Humming Blue Sox41306
Beer Hunters40404
Group 8
*Usual Suspects541013
*Bray Allsorts 98532011
Coolmine Bearcats42117
Base Devils41306
Group 9
*Marlay Martyrs B33009
*Apathy Athletico32107
Group 10
*Strike Four Renegades33009
*Vision Visionaires32107
Dublin Bay Packers31205
Group 11
*Oracle Orbits33009
*Fumballers Grey33009
*Findlater Barflies Inc42208
Cassin Fast Cats40313
Group 12
*Oddsox Black431010
*Loan Homers Krusty431010
Fallen Angels32107
Kegs 231205
Rolling Rocks40313

Reference: [1]

DateHome TeamAway Team
Knockout Round 1
04.08.1998Oddsox Black28Fallen Angels32
04.08.1998Usual Suspects22Fumballlers14
04.08.1998Ashton Slammers8Renegades37
04.08.1998Marlay Martyrs B16Oraclde Orbits15
05.08.1998Loan Homers Krusty7Visionaires0 #
05.08.1998Bray 9827Loan Homers Moe21
05.08.1998Mashers14Apathy Athletico7
05.08.1998Angels 210Findlater Barflies Inc9
09.1998Bray 98WMashersL
09.1998Marlay Martyrs BWLoan Homers KrustyL
09.1998Fallen AngelsLUsual SuspectsW
09.1998Angels 2LRenegadesW
09.1998Usual SuspectsLMarlay Martyrs BW
09.1998RenegadesWBray 98L
09.1998RenegadesWMarlay Martyrs BL

Reference: [2]

LSA 5:5 Junior Pennant 1999

Group 1
*Pigs n’ Space330015
Findlater Barflies Inc321012
Indigo Icons31209
Fallen Angels30214
Group 2
*Lucent Lasers330015
Bray Allsorts 9731025
Vision Visionaires30030
Group 3
*Coolmine Bearcats321012
Apathy Athletico321012
Merrion Innings31209
Group 4
*Dynamo Dodgers220010
Cobalt Blues21107
Ross Systems20020
Group 5
*BNC Angels220010
Humming Blue Sox21107
Base Devils20204
Group 6
*Usual Suspects330015
Oddsox Black321012
Lollipop Rangers30214
Winning Streakers30030
Group 7
*Loan Homers Krusty330015
Riverdeep Piranhas321012
Fumballers Grey31114
Dublin Bay Packers30030

Reference: [2]

DateHome TeamAway Team
30.06.1999BNC Angelsbye
30.06.1999Lucent Lasers0 #Dynamo Dodgers7
30.06.1999Usual Suspects24Pigs n’ Space12
30.06.1999Coolmine Bearcats27AIB Loan Homers Krusty17
05.09.1999BNC AngelsWDynamo DodgersL
05.09.1999Usual SuspectsLCoolmine BearcatsW
05.09.1999BNC Angels13Coolmine Bearcats12

Reference: [1][3]


The Leinster Softball Association 5:5 Pennant was a Competition where teams played with a Male:Female Ratio of 5:5.


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