Irish Flying Disc Association | Schools All-Ireland Ultimate Championships 2008-2015

IFDA Schools All-Ireland Ultimate Championship – Open Indoor 2008-2015


Year Winners
2008 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2009 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2010 St. Mary’s (Dublin)
2011 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2012 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2013 Ballincollig (Cork)
2014 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2015 Gonzaga (Dublin)


IFDA Schools All-Ireland Ultimate Championship – Outdoor 2009-2010


Year Winners
2009 Gonzaga (Dublin)
2010 St. Mary’s (Dublin)




Irish Flying Disc Association (2015) Previous Winners of All-Ireland Championships[Internet] Available from: [Accessed 11 December 2016]




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