Ireland Water Polo | National League | Men’s Division 1 2018-19

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St. Vincent’s1211011268733
Cathal Brugha1291216211728
North Dublin1251611010616
Half Moon1251611813716
Cu Chulainn123091031359
Corrib #12021099144-2


DateVenueHome Team Away Team 
Week 1  
07.10.2018NAC Cu Chulainn5Cathal Brugha6
07.10.2018 NAC Half Moon7St. Vincent’s19
Week 2  (NAC)  
13.10.2018NAC Sandycove10Corrib9
13.10.2018 NAC North Dublin9Cathal Brugha15
Week 3  (NAC)  
20.10.2018NAC St. Vincent’s17Cu Chulainn5
Week 4  
27.10.2018FallsCu Chulainn7North Dublin10
Week 5   
28.10.2018LisburnCu Chulainn8St. Vincent’s9
28.10.2018Lisburn Cathal Brugha10Sandycove6
Week 5   
04.11.2018NAC St. Vincent’s8Sandycove5
Week 6  
10.11.2018Lisburn North Dublin8Half Moon9
10.11.2018Lisburn Cathal Brugha20Corrib12
Week 7  
18.11.2018NAC Half Moon12Sandycove13
Week 9   
01.12.2018 NAC St. Vincent’s9Cathal Brugha8
01.12.2018NUIG Corrib7North Dublin7
02.12.2018NAC Half Moon12Cu Chulainn10
Week 10  
08.12.2018NUIG CorribpHalf Moonp
Week 14   
12.01.2019NAC Sandycove6North Dublin11
12.01.2019Lisburn Cu Chulainn12Corrib7
13.01.2019NAC North Dublin9St. Vincent’s10
Week 15
19.01.2019NUIG Corrib1313
Week 16
03.02.2019NAC St. Vincent’s11Half Moon10
Week 17
09.02.2019NUIG Corrib7St. Vincent’s13
Week 18
09.02.2019Lisburn Cu Chulainn11Sandycove10
Week 19
16.02.2019NAC Sandycove11Cathal Brugha6
16.02.2019NAC St. Vincent’s11North Dublin5
16.02.2019NUIG Corrib6Half Moon8
Week 20
23.02.2019Lisburn Cu Chulainn8Half Moon12
Week 21
01.03.2019GroveCathal BrughapCu Chulainnp
Week 22
02.03.2019Salthill HotelCorrib12Cathal Brugha18
Week 23
03.03.2019NAC Sandycove11Half Moon4
Week 24
09.03.2019Lisburn Cathal Brugha16St. Vincent’s6
09.03.2019NUIGCorrib10Cu Chulainn11
Week 25
15.03.2019GroveCathal Brugha17Cu Chulainn16
Week 26
24.03.2019NACNorth Dublin9Half Moon7
24.03.2019NACSt. Vincent’s4Corrib0 #
24.03.2019NACSandycove11Cu Chulainn3
Week 27
06.04.2019LisburnCathal Brugha11North Dublin7
07.04.2019NACHalf Moon13Corrib9
Week 28
14.04.2019NACNorth Dublin15Corrib7
14.04.2019NACSandycove7St. Vincent’s9





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Thanks to Laurence O’Toole.

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