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After the Irish Lacrosse Union disappeared around the First World War, and the Irish Ladies Lacrosse Association from 1926-1970 had also disbanded, the third wave of Lacrosse in Ireland was the revival of Ireland Lacrosse in the early 21st Century, featuring Men’s Women’s and Box (Indoor Lacrosse).

group of lacrosse players celebrating with coach during daytime
An overhead view of a mens lacrosse playing field with white markings painted on grass.

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The Irish Lacrosse Union was the Men’s Lacrosse Association in Ireland from the Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries. The Senior shield was the first level league competition.
Like the Gaelic Athletic Association, the Irish Lacrosse Union season was divided into an opening season (Shield – League Competition), and closing season (Flags – Knockout / Elimination Competition). The Irish Lacrosse Union had two Adult levels (Senior and Junior), and a representative competition (Shaftesbury Cup) between County Down and County Antrim. It was Men’s only. (see links to each competition and season for results, more information and references).

Irish Lacrosse Union (1870-1914)

Irish Lacrosse Union

Shaftesbury Cup (Co. Down v Co. Antrim – Seasons): 1900

Irish Lacrosse Union 1870-1914

Irish Lacrosse Union Championship of Ireland 1890-1897

ILU Senior Flags (1st Level – Knockout Championship – Seasons)1900

ILU Junior Flags (2nd Level – Knockout Championship – Seasons): 1900

ILU Senior Shield (1st Level League – Seasons)1900

ILU Junior Shield (2nd Level League- Seasons)1900

ILU Gibb Cup (All Teams Knockout – Seasons):  1895 1894 1893

ILU Preseason Friendlies (Seasons): 1900

group of lacrosse players celebrating with coach during daytime
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Men’s Lacrosse is a 10-v-10 version of the game, originally played by Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands cultural region of Native North America (Eastern Canada & Upstate New York, New England).

The first known team in Ireland was in Newtownards, Co. Down, and there was a Championship in Ireland from the late 19th Century to World War I, and it was then resurrected in the early 2000s, with an International team, and the Irish Lacrosse League. The Newtownards Cup is also now played, named after the town with the first club.

Men’s Lacrosse (International)

Ireland Lacrosse; Irish Lacrosse Association; European Lacrosse Federation;

Federation of International Lacrosse

FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championships (Editions):    2018 2006 2002

European Lacrosse Federation

ELF Men’s European Lacrosse Championships (Editions):  2004 2001 

ELF Men’s U20 European Lacrosse Championships (Editions): 2019

Celtic Cup

Celtic Cup (Editions): 2013 2009 2005

International Lacrosse Union (1881-1899)

International Lacrosse Union Ireland v England 1881-1899

Irish Counties v South of England Representative Lacrosse Matches 1901