Cork-Galway Softball Friendlies 2008


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.07.2008Cork HammerheadsW+1Galway TribesL-1
19.07.2008Cork HammerheadsW+4Galway TribesL-4
Week 2
13.09.2008Galway Tribes7Cork Hammerheads0 #
13.09.2008Galway Tribes7Cork Hammerheads0 #
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Galway Tribes and Cork Hammerheads agreed to play two series of Challenge matches either side of the Irish Open Softball Tournament in Limerick in August 2008. In the first series in Cork on 19th July , Galway went 7 runs down in the first innings, but clawed their way back to lead, although they eventually lost by one run. The second match saw Cork win by four runs as the effect of a 3 hour journey to Cork took its toll on the Galway players. The second series in Galway on 13th September was forfeited by Cork due to lack of numbers.



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Thanks to Catherine Swift, Galway Tribes & Marlay Mustangs

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