Baseball Ireland B-League 2014

Baseball Ireland logo [Reference: 1]
Baseball Ireland logo [Reference: 1]

BI B-League 2014

*Dublin City Hurricanes B161510 
*Belfast NorthStars B161330 2.0
*Cavan Comets161060 5.0
*Ashbourne Giants16970 6.0
*Dublin Black Sox B16880 7.0
*Greystones Mariners B165110 10.0
Dublin Spartans B165110 10.0
West Clare Dolphins164102 12.0
Dublin Tigers B162212 19.0
Baseball Ireland B-League Standings 2014 [References: 3]


Playoffs Round 1   
2014Cavan Comets18Greystones Mariners B3
2014Ashbourne Giants12Dublin Black Sox B6
Playoffs Round 2   
2014Cavan Comets10Ashbourne Giants9
2014Dublin City Hurricanes BWBelfast North Stars BL
2014Belfast NorthStars BWCavan CometsL
Final (Best-of-3)   
2014Dublin City Hurricanes B13Belfast North Stars B1
2014Belfast North Stars B1Dublin City Hurricanes B14
Dublin City Hurricanes B won series 2-0   
Baseball Ireland B-League Playoffs 2014 [Reference: 2]

Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
22.03.2014Greystones Mariners B1Dublin Tigers B16
22.03.2014Dublin Spartans B14Dublin Black Sox B4
23.03.2014Cavan Comets8Ashbourne Giants9
Week 2
29.03.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B17Greystones Mariners B1
30.03.2014Belfast North Stars B12Ashbourne Giants1
30.03.2014Belfast North Stars B16Ashbourne Giants8
30.03.2014Dublin Spartans B3Cavan Comets10
Week 4
05.04.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B18Dublin Black Sox B3
06.04.2014Greystones Mariners B16Dublin Spartans B22
Week 5
12.04.2014Dublin Black Sox B8West Clare Dolphins2
12.04.2014Dublin Black Sox B24West Clare Dolphins9
Week 6
27.04,2014Ashbourne Giants4Dublin City Hurricanes B14
Week 7
03.05.2014Dublin Spartans B16Greystones Mariners B4
Week 8
10.05.2014Ashbourne Giants7West Clare Dolphins0 #
10.05.2014Ashbourne Giants7West Clare Dolphins0 #
11.05.2014Greystones Mariners B2Belfast North Stars B16
11.05.2014Greystones Mariners B2Belfast North Stars B18
Week 9
17.05.2014Cavan Comets5Dublin City Hurricanes B25
17.05.2014Cavan Comets9Dublin City Hurricanes B8
17.05.2014Dublin Tigers B9Dublin Spartans B8
Week 10
24.05.2014West Clare Dolphins7Dublin Tigers B0 #
24.05.2014West Clare Dolphins7Dublin Tigers B0 #
25.05.2014Cavan Comets11Greystones Mariners B0
Week 11
31.05.2014Cavan Comets2Belfast North Stars B5
31.05.2014Cavan Comets3Belfast North Stars B11
31.05.2014Ashbourne Giants8Dublin Spartans B10
Week 12
07.06.2014Ashbourne Giants8Dublin Black Sox B7
07.06.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B8Ashbourne Giants5
08.06.2014Belfast North Stars B13Dublin Tigers B8
08.06.2014Belfast North Stars B12Dublin Tigers B11
11.06.2014Greytones Mariners B2Dublin City Hurricanes B18
Week 13
14.06.2014West Clare Dolphins14Greystones Mariners B18
14.06.2014West Clare Dolphins7Greystones Mariners B15
15.06.2014Belfast North Stars B6Dublin Spartans B4
15.06.2014Belfast North Stars B12Dublin Spartans B5
15.06.2014Dublin Tigers B0 #Cavan Comets7
15.06.2014Dublin Tigers B0 #Cavan Comets7
Week 14
21.06.2014West Clare Dolphins1Dublin City Hurricanes B16
21.06.2014West Clare Dolphins4Dublin City Hurricanes B24
22.06.2014Greystones Mariners B2Ashbourne Giants19
22.06.2014Greystones Mariners B10Ashbourne Giants9
25.06.2014Dublin Black Sox B3Dublin Spartans B6
Week 15
28.06.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B10Belfast North Stars B6
28.06.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B24Belfast North Stars B1
29.06.2014Dublin Black Sox B4Ashbourne Giants11
29.06.2014Dublin Spartans B7Dublin Tigers B0 #
Week 16
06.07.2014Dublin Spartans B8Dublin City Hurricanes B11
06.07.2014Ashbourne Giants7Dublin Tigers B0 #
09.07.2014Ashbourne Giants7Dublin Tigers B0 #
Week 17
12.07.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B7Dublin Tigers B0 #
13.07.2014Dublin Spartans B0 #Ashbourne Giants7
16.07.2014Greystones Mariners B4Dublin Black Sox B14
Week 18
19.07.2014Cavan Comets12West Clare Dolphins1
19.07.2014Cavan Comets15West Clare Dolphins9
Week 19
27.07.2014Greystones Mariners B12Cavan Comets15
27.07.2014Dublin Tigers B0 #Dublin City Hurricanes B7
Week 20
02.08.2014Dublin Black Sox B7Dublin Tigers B0 #
02.08.2014Dublin Tigers B0 #Dublin Black Sox B7
02.08.2014West Clare Dolphins7 Dublin Spartans B0 #
02.08.2014West Clare Dolphins7Dublin Spartans B0 #
Week 21
09.08.2014Dublin Black Sox B0Dublin City Hurricanes B11
10.08.2014Dublin Spartans B1Cavan Comets12
Week 22
17.08.2014Dublin Black Sox B1Cavan Comets0
17.08.2014Dublin Black Sox B0Cavan Comets1
17.08.2014Dublin Tigers B0Greystones Mariners B7
Week 23
23.08.2014Belfast North Stars B1West Clare Dolphins8
23.08.2014Belfast North Stars B19West Clare Dolphins18
23.08.2014Dublin City Hurricanes B6Dublin Spartans B4
24.08.2014Ashbourne Giants4Cavan Comets20
24.08.2014Dublin Black Sox B8Greystones Mariners B5
Week 24
31.08.2014Belfast North Stars B10Dublin Black Sox B3
31.08.2014Belfast North Stars B11Dublin Black Sox B2
Baseball Ireland B-League Regular Season Results 2014 [Reference: 2]


There was an expanded Baseball Ireland B League in 2014, featuring B teams of all five returning A League teams (Dublin teams the City Hurricanes, Spartans and Black Sox as well as the Greystones Mariners and Belfast North Stars), as well as the B team of new team the Dublin Tigers, representing a Venezuelan company in Ireland, and regional teams the West Clare Dolphins, Cavan Comets and Ashbourne Giants. Dublin City Hurricanes B won the League Pennant and Championship, defeating Belfast North Stars B 13-1 and 14-1 in the best-of-three games Final Series. Cavan Comets reached the Semi-Finals after knocking out Ashbourne Giants, both teams best season yet, knocking out Greystones Mariners B and Dublin Black Sox B respectively in the Playoffs First Round. Cormac Eklof pitched superbly for the Hurricanes in Game 1 of the Final and Jose Martinez in Game 2 in what was a one-sided Final Series.

About Baseball and Baseball Ireland

Baseball is a bat-and ball game where players aim to hit a ball thrown at them by a pitcher and run around four bases back home without being caught or run out. A run is scored when a player gets back to home base. It is similar to the GAA game of Rounders, but the bases are 90 feet apart rather than 60 and pitching can be overarm. There are 9 Innings for each team in a standard Baseball game (seven in the case of thw Baseball Ireland B-League) and when three players on a team are out that is the end of the innings for the team. A teams innings is not over until three outs are made. It was first played in America, but is thought to have an ancestor in the Irish and British game of Rounders (and also similar games in Germany and Scandinavia such as Branboll). In Ireland it is Coed (Mixed).



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Thanks to Tom Kelley and Adrian Kelly (Baseball Ireland) and Peter Mullen (Dublin Black Sox).

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