Australian Football League Ireland Women’s Super 7s 2018


Pool Ladder

West Clare Waves15132065021941
Portadown Power1448223743524
Cork Vikings1055027813520
Dublin Angels14211117450219
North East Kookaburras66002543518
Portlaoise Pixies4130441496
Galway Magpies3021351184

Reference: [8]


DateTeam 1 Team 2 
 Week 1   
20.01.18UCC Crusaders1-2-8West Clare Waves2-5-2-52
13.02.18West Clare Waves2-4-5-49Dublin Angels1-0-6
13.02.18Portadown Power1-2-2-24UCC Crusaders0-4-4
13.02.18North East Kookaburras3-2-20West Clare Waves1-1-7
13.02.18Dublin Angels1-1-0-16Portadown Power1-3-4-33
13.02.18UCC Crusaders0-3-3North east Kookaburras1-4-0-34
13.02.18West Clare Waves1-5-5-45Portadown Power1-1-7
13.02.18North East Kookaburras2-6-18Dublin Angels0-1-1
 Week 2   
17.02.18West Clare Waves8-2-50Dublin Angels2-2-14
17.02.18North East Kookaburras10-3-63Portadown Power0-2-2
17.02.18Cork Vikings6-2-38Galway Magpies1-2-8
17.02.18Portadown Power1-7-13Dublin Angels2-4-16
17.02.18West Clare Waves1-5-11North East Kookaburras1-6-3-49
17.02.18Galway Magpies1-3-9Portadown Power1-3-9
17.02.18Cork Vikings3-9-27West Clare Waves7-9-51
17.02.18North East Kookaburras9-7-70Galway Magpies3-0-18
17.02.18Dublin Angels1-1-7Cork Vikings8-0-48
 Week 3 Islandbridge 
28.04.18West Clare Waves14-3-87Dublin Angels2-3-15
28.04.18Portadown Power0-1-1West Clare Waves8-4-52
28.04.18Dublin Angels2-3-15Portadown Power3-4-22
28.04.18Dublin Angels1-2-8West Clare Waves5-5-35
28.04.18West Clare Waves6-8-44Portadown Power1-1-5-21
28.04.18Portadown Power3-4-22Dublin Angels3-4-22
 Week 4   
12.06.18Dublin Angels1-1-7Portlaoise Pixies4-1-25
12.06.18Portadown Power2-2-14Cork Vikings7-3-45
12.06.18West Clare Waves6-6-42Dublin Angels0-1-1
12.06.18Portlaoise Pixies2-2-14Portadown Power1-4-1-35
12.06.18Cork Vikings2-3-15West Clare Waves5-2-32
12.06.18Portadown Power2-2-14Dublin Angels6-3-39
12.06.18Cork Vikings7-4-46Portlaoise Pixies0-2-2
12.06.18West Clare Waves8-2-50Portadown Power3-2-20
12.06.18Dublin Angels1-1-7Cork Vikings7-2-44
12.06.18Portlaoise Pixies0-3-3West Clare Waves7-1-43

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The first full season of Womens Australian Football in Ireland was played in 2018, over four rounds in a carnival format, with West Clare Waves showing why they are European Champions by winning the title with 13 wins from 15 games.

The First round featured West Clare, Dublin Angels, UCC Crusaders, Portadown Power and North East Kookaburras. North East Kookaburras set the early pace with 3 wins from 3, with West Clare Waves picking up 2 wins from their three matches.

Round 2 featured  the original five teams, plus Galway Magpies, with UCC Crusaders renamed Cork Vikings. The Kookaburras again won all 3 matches to go 6-0, but this was the last Round they played in. West Clare established themselves, only losing to the Kookaburras for the second round running.

Round 3 in Islandbridge, Dublin, saw West Clare waves winning all four matches, with Portadown Power  posting a 1-1-1 record for the round  and Dublin Angels gaining one draw from their four matches, following a draw between the teams. They were the only three teams in the round.

Round 4 saw 5 teams enter with West Clare Waves again going 4-0 to win the title, Portadown Power and Cork Vikings coming in second and third. Newcomers Portlaoise Pixies managed a win against Dublin Angels to lift them above Galway in the Final Table. Dublin Angels finished in mid-table with two wins and a draw, just above North East Kookaburras.

Players and Awards





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