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Other Basketball

Other Basketball

Other Basketball variations played in Ireland include Wheelchair Basketball, 3×3 Basketball (a reduced numbers version), Independent Mixed Basketball (Dublin Indoor Sports and Macra na Ferime) and Streetball. Independent organizations include Defense Forces Basketball, Garda Basketball, Community Games Basketball and Macra na Feirme Basketball (Farmers Basketball).

Wheelchair Basketball and 3×3 Basketball have their own pages on this website.

Mixed Basketball

Dublin Indoor Sports runs Mixed Basketball competitions on the Northside and Southside of the City.

Macra na Feirme Basketball

Defense Forces Basketball

Basketball in Ireland has been played in the Defense Forces since 1928, with the earliest Championships being played in Army Barracks, and continuing after WWII, the Defense Forces teams played in the All-Ireland Blitzes alongside civilian teams for many years. For a long time after the introduction of Basketball in Ireland in the Defense Forces the game was played under different rules, with a ball more like a Medicine Ball than a Basketball and rules permitting more physical contact making the game more like a cross between Basketball and Gaelic Football, due to Ireland’s isolation at the time, than the Basketball played Internationally.

Community Games Basketball

Community Games is an organisation in Ireland which runs sporting & other competitions for Children & Teenagers on a parish/community level throughout Ireland, with County Competitions followed by Provincial & All Ireland Finals.