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Northern Ireland Volleyball Association Belfast U21 Street Volleyball 2000

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Final Standings

NIVA Belfast U21 Street Volleyball Men's 2000

1Campbell College Belfast3216
1Enniskillen Blockbusters U213216
1Larne Grammar School3216
4Craigavon Aztecs U213030


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As part of the Millennium celebrations in Belfast City, a Street Volleyball tournament was part of a series of events organized by Belfast City Council as part of the weeklong City Centre Sports New Millennium celebrations. After Cycling, Athletics and Basketball events outside Belfast City Hall, the Street Volleyball competition, the first of its kind ever in either Ireland or Britain, featured Men’s and Women’s U21 teams from Campbell College Belfast, Larne Grammar School (Co. Antrim), Craigavon Aztecs (Co. Armagh) and Enniskillen Blockbusters (Co. Fermanagh). This tournament would have been unthinkable given the security situation in the area around Belfast City Hall even just a few months previously and the event was a welcome return to normality and sport.

The Men’s Tournament saw a three way tie between Enniskillen Blockbusters (who defeated Craigavon Aztecs 25-20 and Larne Grammar School 25-19 but lost to Campbell College Belfast 23-25); Campbell College Belfast (who defeated Craigavon Aztecs 25-23 but lost to Larne Grammar School 20-25) and Larne Grammar School (who won 25-20 versus Craigavon Aztecs). a three-way tie-breaker was needed to separate the teams which the Westerners from Enniskillen won with 73 total points scored ahead of Campbell College Belfast’s 70 and Larne Grammar School’s 69.

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man playing volleyball
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