Leinster Softball Association Women’s Slowpitch League 2002

Irish Baseball and Softball Federation Logo [References: 1]

Standings 2002

Marlay (C)7700  21
Bongo6420  14
Zippy5320  11
Bray7160  9
She Devils7151  8
Reference: [4]

Note: Table after 3 of 4 Rounds


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
25.05.2002Marlay8She Devils5
25.05.2002She Devils0 #Zippy7
Week 2
06.2002 ?Bray5Marlay20
06.2002 ?She Devils8Zippy12
06.2002 ?She Devils5Bray6
06.2002 ?Marlay3Bongo2
06.2002 ?Zippy23Bray4
06.2002 ?Bongo5She Devils3
Week 3
27.07.2002She Devils10Bray9
27.07.2002Marlay9She Devils4
Week 4
24.08.2002BongoShe Devils
[References: 2


After taking a break in 2001 the Women’s Slowpich League returned in 2002 with new teams Zippy, Bray and Bongo, as well as Marlay and She Devils, returning from 2000. Marlay again won the League, winning all seven games, with one gamde postponed. Bongo (4-2) and Zippy (3-2) were vying for second place with one weekend left to play, then Bray were fourth on 1-6 and She Devils (1-5, with one forfeit) making up the five team league. Following this, the last season of the Women’s Slowpitch League, a number of the Women expressed interest in forming Fastpitch Teams, and two were set up.



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