Dublin Softball League 1982


U.S. Embassy Marines (C)
Fat Cats
Japanese Embassy Skinny Rats12210

Note: *Champions

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
05.82Skinny Rats14Misfits6
05.82Skinny Rats19Misfits5

Reference: [1]


Five teams entered the first Softbal League in Dublin: a U.S. Embassy Team made up mostly of Marines, Fat Cats, made up mostly of American Businessmen, The Druids, a team from The Druid’s Chair, Killliney, the Skinny Rats, a team of Japanese Embassy Staff and Japanese Businessmen who learnt the game growing up when Baseball-Softball became established in Japan after World War 2, and the Misfits, made up of American students, Businessmen, an American Baptist Preacher and Irish Computer Programmers. [Reference: 1]

The US Embassy Marines won the League. [Reference: 2]


Matches were played at St. Andrew’s Field in Booterstown, Dublin.



[1] Dougherty, Kerry (1982) “Softball – baseball’s slow country cousin” Irish Press. Friday, May 21, 1982. pg. 8.

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